Thought Leadership Summit LIVE 2021

Spring Event: May 5-7, 2021 | Denver, Colorado | Double Tree Aurora
Fall Event: Sept 29-Oct 1, 2021 | Austin, Texas | Venue TBA

The Experience

Use the Stage to Transform Into a Sought Out Thought Leader & Turn Your Business into a Movement During the Greatest Time in History

Take yourself back to the most life-changing coaching program you were a part of that you couldn’t stop raving about, mixed with the most epic event you attended that you wanted to go back to the second you left, mixed with the dopest house party you’ve ever been to that you still reminisce about 10 years later...


That’s how we roll in the Purposphere. Welcome to The Thought Leadership Summit LIVE.

Listen, you already know you’re destined for the stage. You already know you come most alive in the room with your people. You’ve already done it too. You’ve spoken and tasted the magic that comes with it.


Now, I bet the stage has been nagging at you in the back of your mind for months, even years. That's your thought leadership greatness ready to come out.


This is the greatest time in modern day history to unleash your inner thought leader with the world and to birth your movement. Trust us when we say, now is your moment to shine. 


During times of uncertainy is when people look for new leadership, a set of values, a belief system, a purpose, a movement to be a part of. 


People are waiting for their entire world to be rocked by someone courageous enough to speak the damn truth. That's you. 

This is a human connection experience that gets you back in the arena where the magic happens, back in the arena where you feel most alive. 

We are gathering the greatest thought leaders we know in a room to teach them how to take their message and movement to the next level during times of turbulence, becasue turbulent times are when movements are birthed. 

Come enjoy connection freely again. Stand up for what you believe in. Speak your truth. Get back to your natural habitat. Be around like-minded people who believe in what you believe in.

Come back home.  

To the Purposphere & beyond, 


Our Why

Purpose Pioneers P.png

At Purpose Pioneers, we believe in a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience meaning and fulfillment in their lives. We call it the "sweet spot" between purpose and profit— doing work that is both meaningful to you and valuable to your client.

We bring that belief to life by empowering entrepreneurs to use the stage to transform into a sought out thought leader and turn their business into a movement. 

These are the core values that guide our every decision and how we show up in the world. 

We Pioneer the Unknown. Embrace the unknown with a courageous and curious spirit. 

We Connect First. Build the bridge of connection first, then get to work. 

We Play in Possibility. Get curious and creative to find answers and activate magic. 

We Take Ownership. Go inside and cultivate self-awareness to create meaningful change. 

We Keep Our Hearts Open. Lean into understanding, then speak from the heart. 

We Empower with Conviction. Share the belief and tools to ignite independent success. 

We call this magical place we live and play, the Purposphere. 

We are the Purpose Pioneers.







Movement to Further


Uncover what it really takes to transform from business leader to thought leader and birth a movement people are lining up out the door to be a part of.


Learn the secret sauce to instantly find an abundance of stages that are the perfect fit for you & how to stand out to event organizers in a way that makes it a "no-brainer" decision to choose YOU.


Craft your talk in a way that resonates deep within people's souls AND inspires them to take action.

A 3-Day Immersive Experience for Successful Entrepreneurs, Speakers & Authors Ready to Go Beyond the Business, Transform from Entrepreneur to Sought Out Thought Leader & Turn Their Business into a Movement


Offer Expires July 15
Offer Expires Aug 15
Offer Expires Sept 15

Can't attend in person? We have a virtual ticket! Click here to check it out.

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About Your Host


Alexandria Agresta is an International Speaker, TEDx Speaker and Co-Founder of Purpose Pioneers. She has an immense amount of drive to empower YOU to turn their dreams into a reality… because you change the universe for the better when you do.

She has spoken on 100+ stages and her clients collectively have booked 100+ stages. 


She is known as the Empathetic Butt Kicker— she’ll give you a hug AND a butt whoopin’ you need it most. She lives by the mantra: things don’t take time, they take courage… and can’t wait to play with you in the Field of Possibility.

If you're looking for a simple, FUN and aligned way to: 
Fully Integrate Speaking Into Your Business Model, Fill Up Your 2021 Calendar with Rockin' Stages, and Transform into the Thought Leader You've Always Dreamed of Being
(aka get the FLIP out from behind the screen, speak on some damn stages & be the Yoda of your industry)
🙅‍♀️  Spending MORE time going bonks behind the screen ​
 You believe in human connection. You feel deeply aligned when face-to-face with other   humans. You come ALIVE on stage. With our proven speaking method, you can get out   from behind the screen once and for all, even during lockdowns and quarantines, and get   back to the place that fulfills you most... and brings you the most success. 
🙅‍♀️  Waiting until the world is "back to normal" before you
     speak on more stages 
Your wisdom, brilliance and thought leadership is needed MOST during times of chaos. We  don't know the end in sight or what the new-normal will be like. Those are variables you can't control, but what you can control is choosing to courageously speak your truth in a time where your people need you most. 
🙅‍♀️  The guessing games of where the next stage will come
     from amidst all the chaos 
 Using our step-by-step system, you can drop the uncertainty for good and book out       your calendar with DREAM stages months in advance. You'll know exactly how to create an endless supply of stages where you'll make the most impact and make the most money.
🙅‍♀️  Doing more free gigs to "prove yourself" or "build more
Believe it or not, what sells your authority and credibility... YOU. We show you what type of stages are best for you to focus on, many of them paid, and how to stand out in a memorable, impactful way to event organizers without needing a certain track record. 
🙅‍♀️  Thinking you need to "do more stuff" before you speak
With a simple mindset shift, we show you that you already have everything you need to book the mac-daddy stages. We put your current assets to work in new ways with our game-changing Build Demand First principle. 
🙅‍♀️  Getting lost in the Google wormhole searching for
     speaking opportunities
We put an end to the "Call for Speakers" Google alerts and endless searching, and share the secret sauce to creating an infinite supply of stages that are perfect for you. Free up your time so you can focus on high-level, high-impact tasks as a thought leader. 
🙅‍♀️  Rookie speaker mistakes that cost you time, money and
Ever spoke on stage thinking it would pay off and it ended up costing you? Good news. It's not you. It's your strategy. With an aligned method, every stage you speak on can pay off big time... before you even walk up there. 
... then you've landed in the right place. 
Listen, you’re ready to be bigger and play bigger. We don’t need to tell you that you’re destined for the stage-- you already know that and have felt that for years.
You're rockin' it in your biz, but know there’s something next for you. For the first time, you don’t know quite how to get there, and the higher achiever in you won’t let you stop there just because you don’t know how. You want to keep growing, keep going, keep pioneering. Really, you’re ready to go beyond what we call the false business summit.
Imagine yourself climbing a mountain. You get to the summit, but find out it’s the false summit. You’re excited and feel accomplished nonetheless, but in the back of your mind, you know you must keep going. There’s one more summit to reach, so you give yourself no other option but to keep climbing, but you’re running low on fuel and gear and motivation.
Consider us your sherpa who swoops in at the 11th hour to get you up to that final summit. We’re going to get you suited with the right gear, give you the right fuel and get you going in the right direction, so you can finally access what’s been in store for you all along.. so you can step foot into the Field of Possibility.
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Hear From Previous Attendees

Let's Use the Stage to Increase Your...



The stage transforms you into an authority figure that people believe in, listen to and respect.



A thought leader courageously says the thing people are thinking and boldly does the thing people are wanting.



Speaking on stage spreads your wisdom to the masses. You create a loyal tribe of champions who want to further your movement too. 

Who This Event Is For

You're a successful entrepreneur, coach or consultant rockin' it in your business, but feeling that there's something more in store for you. You're ready to go beyond and feeling the pull to speak on stage. 

You've tasted the magic that comes with the stage (whether you have an acting/theatre background or you've facilitated in front of large groups, or something alike) and now you're ready to make magic on MORE stages.

You've dreamed of speaking on stage since you were a little nug and know deep in your heart that you're destined for the stage (people probably tell you this a lot). 

You're confident on stage, comfortable in front of audiences and have spoken in the past, but now you need the roadmap to speak on the right stages for YOUR message and movement consistently. 

Speaking is your damn truth and you believe thought leadership is the most aligned path for you. You're ready to further your dang movement from stage!!!


Hear From Previous Attendees

The Transformation

Here's a Taste of What You'll Take Away From

This Once-In-A-Lifetime Event ...


  • The art of human connection, thought leadership and furthering movements 

  • Why speaking on stage is the fastest, funnest, and most fulfilling way to experience new levels of success in your business 

  • How to successfully navigate the “new normal” as a speaker in the corona environment and continue to keep your calendar booked out

  • How to position yourself in a way where you’re seen as an expert, authority figure and a true thought leader in your field (Alex shares her exact secrets on how she consistently stands out from the crowd, and never needs to worry about “competition”)

  • Speak about your business in a way where others deeply believe in it and they're inspired to work with you​​

  • Transform into a business that clients seek out vs. a business that seeks out clients (i.e. you go from chasing them, to them chasing you)  

  • Shift your energy so you become a magnet for abundance and get sought out for more opportunities than you can handle

  • Learn a complete overview of the Movement Method-- the proven speaking method that's responsible for putting dozens of speakers from all over the world, on the right stages with the right people in the room 

  • A plug-and-play workbook that includes all of Alex's inside secrets so you can ditch the guessing games and get the answers right from the source of someone's who in the thought leadership arena 


  • Implement our exact process for booking out your calendar with dream stages months in advance— yes even during lockdowns and a pandemic

  • Get crystal clear on who your dream audience is and what events they go to 

  • Use our step-by-step system to create an endless supply of stages that are the perfect fit for you, your message and your movement (yes, all of the paid stages too!)

  • Confidently negotiate higher speaking fees, complimentary video footage of your talk and anything that will serve you in return when speaking on someone else’s stage (we need to fill up your cup FIRST)​​

  • Learn the 5 different types of speaking engagements and which ones are best for you to go after

  • Learn how to leverage virtual speaking now to land future in person gigs

  • Use my secret sauce on how I've booked 30+ podcasts and how my clients collectively have booked 100+

  • Breakthrough the overseas market so you can become an international speaker which opens up an entirely new realm of possibility for you 

  • Use our word-for-word script on how to confidently pitch yourself to event organizers in a way that gets them excited to respond and take the next steps with you

  • Know what to say when on the phone with event organizers (with our exact conversation guide) that makes you desirable and a “no-brainer” decision



  • Use our plug-and-play “Craft A Talk That Sells” outline that gets you crystal clear on your on-stage message, fully aligned with what gets you excited to speak about, and confident on how to deliver it in a way that inspires people to action

  • Craft your message in a way that's simple and concise, and memorable and impactful so that the audience will be raving about you for days, months, even years after

  • Learn how to embody your magic, message, and movement and deliver your talk in a way that inspires people to want to learn more about your business offerings 

  • Move people to such action that not only are they buying from you but they're telling all of their friends to buy from you too 

  • Learn how to do the Double Whammy-- get paid to be in the room AND know how to convert the room


  • Feel the magic of human connection again and get your mojo back ​​

  • Be around humans, have amazing conversations and make new friends again

  • Be back in the arena that makes you feel most ALIVE and ALIGNED 

  • Experience an unforgettable, transformative 3 days that may just make you feel like you didn't even skip a beat

  • Have some freakin' FUN!!! 

... and so much more magic we can't even fully articulate on this landing page.

The Method

At the Thought Leadership Summit, you'll learn about the Movement Method and begin to integrate it into YOUR movement. This proven method is designed to get you on the right stages with the right people in the room saying the right things, so you can turn the magic you create on stage into a movement off the stage.
Movement Method

Hear From Previous Attendees



Offer Expires July 15
Offer Expires Aug 15
Offer Expires Sept 15

Can't attend in person? We have a virtual ticket! Click here to check it out.

+ We have a rockin' VIP upgrade

  • VIP Mastermind: Craft A Talk That Sells... Spend an intimate, interactive evening with the Purpose Pioneers team where we take a deep dive into crafting your talk. Get hands on, personalized support and high level coaching from Alex herself, so you feel clear, confident and excited to deliver your talk.

  • ​Speak on the Purpose Pioneers stage LIVE for an 8-minute "Lightning" Talk... After crafting your talk, we invite you into the arena to deliver that talk, so you can learn the thing and then DO the thing. We want you leaving this event feeling your power and we know that happens on stage. 

  • Get access to the raw recorded footage of your talk... When it comes to booking stages, this is the #1 asset you need. You get to walk away from this experience with recent, epic, professional footage of you speaking, so you can send it off to event organizers right away to book bigger dream stages. 

  • Get access to professional photos of you speaking on stage... Pictures of you speaking on stage boosts credibility and authority because people don’t just hear that you speak, they SEE that you speak. You get to walk away from this experience with more powerful assets to book bigger dream stages. 

More Perks for Our Purpose Pioneers

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Attendee Networking Call

Meet remarkable people like yourself and grow your movement even before the event.

Classic Camera




Who doesn't love fun photos for the socials?

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Great Gatsby Themed


We're going back to the roaring 20's speakeasy style!

If You're Ready to Step Fully Into Your Speaking Gift...

... ready to share your brilliance wisdom with the people that need to hear it most, then you owe it to yourself to get back in the arena where the magic happens for you. 

You are worthy of knowing how to: 

  • Get back to the place that makes you come most alive and keep your fire burning even amidst chaos

  • Become a sought out thought leader and fill up your calendar with dream stages where you can make the most impact

  • Turn your business into a movement that people are lining up out the door to be a part of 

and you're worthy of knowing how to do all of this NOW, during the most opportune time in modern day history. This is your moment to hold the space of possibility for your people and give them a meaningful path forward. This is your moment to become the thought leader you've always dreamed of being. 

When you master the Movement Method and adopt the Purpose Pioneers Way, all of this becomes possible for you in an instant. 

You may be wondering how you can be in this room with us... and this is where it gets pretty awesome. If you're ready, we're ready. We have a room full of remarkable humans who think like you, have similar beliefs as you and who are doing epic things in the world alongside you. There's a seat with your name on it. 

Click here to reserve your seat.

Brave the unknown with us. Lean in with us. Trust the universe. Commit to the stage and yourself. Buy the ticket. Get the flight. We know it'll be worth it. 

See you on stage Purpose Pioneer. 


-JT, Serial Entrepreneur

I went into the event thinking ‘Do I really have a movement? I don’t know.’ And now it appears that I DO have one. Alex has a way of pulling that out of people. She brought a lot of things to my awareness and made me realize a lot of possibilities. The process worked.


-Lauren, Author

I’ve been to a lot of conferences and trainings and Purpose Pioneers raised the bar. I walked out not only with a vision, excitement and belief, but with a game plan. The workbook itself is a million dollar project.


-Michael, Serial Entrepreneur

For me, it comes down to, ‘if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Hiring Alex, the expert, the person who has been there, done that, and having her support along my journey will insure I go all the way with my desire to share my wisdom with the world through the stage.


 Get Back to the Place Where You Come Most Alive